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      1. About Us
        Intelligent Spin
        • Intelligent Spin

          The company currently has two plate textile basic industry and strategic emerging industries, the traditional textile industry as the foundation of new industries, the emerging hi tech industry as a traditional industry strategic guidance, interdependent and symbiotic development...

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        • Intelligent chemical plant

          Embodies the distinctive characteristics of inheritance and innovation, realize the transition from pure cotton spinning enterprises to new materials in the field of strategic emerging industries, and to achieve industrialization; to upgrade from traditional labor-intensive textile enterprises to intelligent spinning level with the characteristics of the Internet era, and beyond the bend...

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        • Intelligent chemical plant

          Its products are classified into three categories, such as fiber type, product category and terminal category, which are mainly composed of 7s-120s cotton and blended yarn products...

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        • Intelligent spinning mode

          The company is the national textile and garment 500 strong enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, cooperation is Chinese aerospace business partners, has Shandong Province, academician workstation, post doctoral workstations, provincial enterprise technology center, the Provincial Engineering Research Center...

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        Product Brand

        50 combed cotton yarn

        Cotton yarn is made of cotton fiber spinning process, the yarn is called cotton. According to the different process of spinning, it can be divided into general combed yarn and combed yarn. (1) carded yarn: cotton yarn is spun by ordinary spinning system. (2) combed yarn: cotton yarn spun by a spinning system. Combed yarn selection of high quality...

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        About Us
        From 1987, from China

        Forge ahead, innovation, after years of development, Huaxing Group has become China's bio fiber products and solutions provider